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  • Many free cloud certification courses on freeCodeCamp.
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Curriculum Outline
Week 0 — Billing and Architecture
  • Gain confidence when working meter-billing with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
  • To understand how to build useful architecture diagrams
  • To gain a general idea of the cost of common cloud services
  • To ensure we have a working AWS account

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-0.ics

Week 1 — App Containerization
  • Gain practical knowledge working with common docker command and running container images for the purpose of local development
  • Gain practical knowledge of working within a Cloud Development environment
  • Be able to navigate a backend and front web-application and generally understand how they work

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-1.ics

Week 2 — Distributed Tracing

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-2.ics

Week 3 — Decentralized Authentication

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-3.ics

Week 4 — Postgres and RDS

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-4.ics

Week 5 — DynamoDB and Serverless Caching

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-5.ics

Week 6 — Deploying Containers

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-6.ics

Week 7 — Solving CORS with a Load Balancer and Custom Domain

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-7.ics

Week 8 — Serverless Image Processing

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-8.ics

Week 9 — CI/CD with CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-9.ics

Week 10 — CloudFormation Part 1

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-10.ics

Week 11 — CloudFormation Part 2

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-11.ics

Week 12 — Modern APIs

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-12.ics

Week 13 — (Secret Bonus Class)

Download Calendar File: bootcamp-week-13.ics

Download Calendar Files Reminders: bootcamp-weeks-all.ics

To see a detailed description of the bootcamp review the Bootcamp Outline

Guest Instructors
Michael Liendo
Modern APIs
AWS Sr. Dev Advocate
Week Lead Instructor
Lou Bichard
Cloud Career Advice
Open Up The Cloud
Cloud Career Mentor
Ashish Rajan
Cloud Security
Cloud Security Podcast
Weekly Security Guidance
Kristi Perreault
AWS Serverless Hero
Week Lead Instructor
James Spurin
Docker Captain
Week Support Instructor
Du'An Lightfoot
Cloud Networking
Sr. Cloud Networking Dev Advocate
Week Support Instructor
Chris Williams
Cloud Therapist
AWS Community Hero
Week Lead Instructor
Margaret Valtierra
Solution Engineering
AWS Community Hero
Week Lead Instructor
Chirag Nayyar
Solutions Architecting
Community Contributor
Weekly Pricing Guidance
Alex DeBrie
AWS Data Hero
Week Support Instructor
Jessica Kerr
Observability Engineering Manager of DevRel
Week Support Instructor
Edith Puclla
Percona Tech Evangelist
Week Support Instructor
Kirk Kirkconnell
Serverless Caching
Moment Developer Advocate
Week Support Instructor
Maish Saidel-Keesing
Elastic Container Service
AWS Sr. Dev Advocat
Week Support Instructor
Rohini Gaonkar
AWS Sr. Dev Advocat
Week Lead Instructor
Secret Guest Instructor
Secret Topic
AWS Hero
Week Support Instructor
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The Cloud Project
The Reward

Based on your level of particpation you can earn different tiers of digital badges:

  • Blue Squad — Demonstration of Good Effort
  • Teal Squad — Demonstration Proficient Effort
  • Gold Squad — Demonstration of Remarkable Effort
  • Red Sqaud — Demonstration of Exceptional Effort

Registration is required to be graded.

Students are graded based on the following Grading Rubric.